Cleaning is a hassle. 😤

But you might be making it harder on yourself than is absolutely necessary.

Whether you’re tidying up your bedroom, kitchen or bathroom; banishing your bad habits can make it easier to clean — and easier to keep your place clean. And nowhere will a truly good clean be more apparent than your living room. It’s your space for relaxing and it’s where you entertain guests. It’s where your most statement-making decor will most likely live. So it deserves some TLC.

👉 Break these 5 habits:

  1. Living with piles:
    Can’t part with your piles of throws and stacks of magazines? Look into creative storage containers to neatly pack away everything from the kids loose toys to the remotes. Leaving your living area neat and presentable will also help the rest of the family to keep it tidy by just putting items back into the storage baskets or drawers, when not in use.
  2. Cluttering surfaces:
    How often do you dust and disinfect the surfaces in your living room? If its not often then you might be suffering from too much clutter. You’re never going to wipe down your mantel if you have to move over a dozen items off it to cross that chore off your list.
  3. Not dusting first:
    Living in Namibia means your living room is always dusty. If you’re just vacuuming without dusting first, you’re just moving dust around. Starting form the highest areas first and then working your way down. Also, don’t forget about the items that aren’t easy to knock free of dust, like throw pillows and blankets. Launder them regularly to get rid of those dust mites.
  4. Using dirty tools:
    Make sure you’re using clean tools when cleaning your leaving room otherwise it will be all in vain. Remember to replace the vacuum filter and remember to wipe down frequently used items too like remote controls and light switches.
  5. Not having a place for everything:
    Is everyone at your home on the same page on where the remote and pillows go? If not, you’ll end up with stuff just floating around and creating visual clutter and it also leads to the problem of piles we discussed above. Because living rooms are generally spaces for relaxing, it’s easy to get relaxed about how they are maintained. But that can lead to junk accumulating. And not only does that leave your place looking messy, but it also makes your to-do list that much longer when it comes time to cleaning. Collect all the stuff in your living room that doesn’t have a place. Then, find a place for it. Then, keep it in its place. Easy-peasy.

Do any of these bad living room cleaning habits sound familiar?