Stress free property hunting tips!

Buying a #property is a very emotional process. If you allow those emotions or fears to get the #best of you, you may make common mistakes. Heres what you need to think about:

1️⃣ Be realistic about what you can afford, and adjust your search to that.
2️⃣ Get pre-approved for a #mortgage.
3️⃣ If a property needs too much work to fit your #dream, it could end up being a costly mistake. Do not over-estimate your handyman abilities either. Refer to point 1 again.
4️⃣ Jumping in too fast or waiting too long to put in an offer are both risky in terms of cost and what kind of property you might end up with.
5️⃣ Don’t overbid for fear of losing out, as it can cause problems with the appraisal, with the mortgage, and with reselling the property down the line.

Taking these into consideration, it is vital to work with the right property #experts to guide you in every step of the way.